Phosphosiderite (Pink Orchid) Obelisk


Phosphosiderite is a mixture of phosphorus and Iron and has a soothing lilac color. As a stabilizing healing crystal, it works with all chakras to soothe, heal as well as cleanse one’s Aura and provides strength & wisdom. It aids in spiritual growth and awakening, and building a connection with one’s spirit guides to be able to receive the vibrations of divine love.

The Phosphosiderite Obelisk has a number of uses from being stunning pieces for display to perfect gift for crystal lovers. Always have one near you it alleviates anxiety and will bring peace and tranquility. Ideal to be held in hand or placed nearby during a meditation session as they emit a calming and nurturing energy that helps to release all negative emotions.

*Please note: due to the natural composition each item may vary slightly in colouring, shape and markings. Item received may not be exactly as picture shown but will be just as beautiful.


  • From Peru
  • Sold individually
  • 9cm x 3cm
  • Weighs 85g