Elephant Red/Gold



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Solid, Stable, intelligent, and often quite determined, The Elephant is known to discern clearly and remember well. You can't fool an elephant. Linked to ancient times to royalty and wisdom, The elephant can be a true and loyal friend. Elephants are particularly skilled in listening and can help us hear our inner voice and comprehend what others really mean, despite what they may say. Living in matriarchal groups, Elephants form deep bonds. They teach loyalty and remind us to cherish all family members. Despite their large size, mother elephants use gentle guidance to nurture compassion in young, sensitive souls. The elephant encourages us to be fair and just, and live in harmony with nature. Elephants display a wide range of emotions, including love and sorrow. Perceptive and purposeful, Elephant can help to unearth hidden memories as well as trauma that needs to be healed.

These particular abstract elephants are hand made in Indonesia. The body is stained in a deep red paint and the ears are a nice gold. All trunks are up, face them east and they can bring great luck!


  • Hand carved in Indonesia
  • Come in three variants, Small 10", Medium 12", Large 14"


  • Wipe down to dust with a little bit of pledge