OCCO Slab With Quartz Point Pendant

OCCO Slab With Quartz Point Pendant

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Bring a calm and balancing energy into your wardrobe with an accessory like this lovely Agate Geode Necklace. Let the energy of this geode ground any unsettled energy within yourself, and create the harmonious environment that your spirit needs.

Every person needs a strong, foundational energy. Agate provides the balance you need in your everyday life. Wear this Geode to recharge and stabilize your energy. Let the vibrations of this agate geode ground any unsettled energy and create the harmonious environment that your spirit needs.

This stone of resilience bolsters your emotional strength, so that you can better cope with difficulties. When your spirit isn’t grounded in a solid foundation, it’s easily rocked by the issues that come up in life. Agate connects with your core chakras to build up your emotional stability, and protect you from feeling overwhelmed. The courage agate lends will bring you to focus on opportunities for growth, rather than allowing the mind to linger on negative thoughts. This beautiful piece also comes with a small quartz piece hanging in the center of the geode. A very powerful healing stone, Quartz absorbs. stores, releases and regulates energy and is excellent for unblocking it. Quartz can be used for any healing property as it stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.

Wear this pendant on the included black cord or put it on a silver chain to really make it shine! Each pendant comes from natural slices of Agate. Please note no two stones are the same and product may not be exactly as shown. ** Please Note- No cut Agate slab is the same, each piece is unique in its size, shape, and colouring.



  • Made in Brazil
  • Cord Length, 30 cm
  • Agate length- approx 4.5 cm
  • Width- approx 3 cm
  • Quartz piece- 1 cm
  • Silver plated clasp
  • Weight- 12 grams
  • Please note, some stones vary in size and weight, most are between 4 and 8 cm and 12-18 grams