Painted Tree Leather Journal



Product Details

A beautiful leather journal with a hand painted and embossed tree of life large on the front.  The tree of Life is known to represent the interconnectedness of all life starting from a seedling feeding off of the earth, to maturing and giving life and food to other living creatures, to then death and decomposing, giving nutrients back to the earth for the cycle to continue.  This journal is kept securely closed with a brass latch, inside you will find approximately 200 pages made entirely from recycled materials.  Made in India. Available in 2 sizes.

*The acid free paper is made out of 100% cotton scraps typically left over from t-shirt factories.  The scraps are shredded with a cutting machine and mixed with water.  The water mixture is then placed on top of a fine mesh screen to drain.  Once drained the paper is hung to dry and cut to size.  Some papers will also have flowers and other herbs pressed into it.