Black Beaded 2" Dream Catcher

Black Beaded 2" Dream Catcher

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These brightly coloured dream catchers come in an assortment of colours and are sure to chase those bad dreams away! The frame has been wrapped in deer hide finished with fluffy feathers hanging from beaded tassels. The middle of the dream catcher is decorated with multi-coloured beads all joining in the center around shell. Hang this handmade dream catcher to keep the negative dreams away. 

It is said that in the night air there are good dreams and bad dreams. The dream catcher allows the good dreams to pass through the web and drift down to the one sleeping below. Bad dreams become hopelessly tangled in the web, where they perish at the first light of dawn. Handcrafted by Soaring Eagle on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. Made with all natural materials such as genuine deerskin, cowhide, horsehair, pheasant feathers, deer antler, semi-precious stones, and high quality beads.


  • Traditionally handcrated from all natural materials
  • Made in Canada on Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
  • Each piece is a one of a kind
  • Variations in colours and designs are to be expected