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Labradorite is a stone of magic... awakening  your mystical and magical abilities and psychic powers. It has a deeply felt powerful resonance that can be used to bring amazing changes to your life. Labradorite holds a broad level of protection from negativity... so it cannot be used for ill will. This is a stone whose energy is quite visible to the user as it works so quickly. Wearing Labradorite will charge you with a sense of excitement and adventure as you take steps to go where you have not gone before!

Legend has it that Labradorite is frozen fire which fell from the Aurora Borealis. It flashes vibrant blues and greens, streaming rainbows into your space. Having this Labradorite plaque in your space connects you with the vast spectrum of colors, connecting you with the energy of light. It is a stone shrouded in mystical lore. The way the deep, sultry tones of blue, green and gray flash almost neon flecks of brilliant light off it’s pearly surface was ample fodder for ancient tales. This lighting quality is known as labradorescence, wherein light enters the stone and reflects off of a twinning surface before escaping back out. 

Labradorite stimulates your inner awareness, bringing you closer to discovering your true self. It helps you to unfold your true-life purpose and uncover your destiny. With the rainbow of brilliant hues, these Labradorite plaques help to purify your energy and connect you with the energy of light. Having it in your space will connect you with its vast spectrum of colors, and allow the energy to flow throughout your body. It also helps you release all feelings of hopelessness and anxiety and replace those feelings with hope and happiness. 

Working with labradorite is said to enhance one’s clairvoyant and intuitive powers. It is the essential stone for protection because of its ability to soothe overactive thoughts and anxiety. It blocks negative energy from entering the body, as well as preventing others from depleting your positive energy. Through connecting with the throat chakra, it boosts confidence and gives voice to those who hold it. Meditate with labradorite when seeking a more adventurous spirit. It will amplify your energy and inspire spontaneity. This is the perfect stone to bring on trips both for its protection, energy enhancement and joyous resonance.    



  • One of a kind, you will receive exact item as shown
  • Made in Madagascar
  • Measures 6" x 3" x 2.5"
  • Weighs 758 gr