Zenature Amethyst Infused Water Bottle
Zenature Amethyst Infused Water Bottle
Zenature Amethyst Infused Water Bottle
Zenature Amethyst Infused Water Bottle

Zenature Amethyst Infused Water Bottle

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Feel your inner vibrations by drinking Gem Infused Water. Made of hight quality glass, this bottle makes drinking water absolutely luxurious! Gem Infused water can rebalance and heal your body spiritually and emotionally. Bringing Gemstone energy and hydration together has never been this easy. Each product incorporates a sealed glass gempod filled with a unique gemstone blend, providing a modern, hygienic way to transform everyday tap, filtered, or bottled water into gem-water in just 7-10 minutes. The unique gem blends are designed to transform your water and support your mind, body & spirit. 

Show your water some gem love today! 

Gemstones possess powerful physical properties. Many spiritually-minded gemstone lovers know that crystal energy has been harnessed in sacred and naturopathic practices across various cultures. One need only consider the harnessing of quartz crystal to sustain the ultra precise frequency needed for digital clocks and watches. This crystal energy is shared by all gemstones, giving them just enough vibration to 'wake up' the water and infuse it with loving & healing vibrations. Use your water bottle with the gemstones included or combine with others to make your own unique energizing combination.

Tasting is believing!

While the metaphysical scope of their power may be open for interpretation by some, we believe that tasting is believing. What people experience on their palate is often described as a softer texture and cleaner taste. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think! 



  • High quality, premium glass bottle with exchangeable gem pod
  • Fair trade, semi-precious, tumbled gemstones included: : Rose Quartz (tranquility), Amethyst (awareness), Clear Quartz (energy)
  • Stainless steel cap with BPA-free plastic lining and silicone seal
  • Lead-free, borosilicate glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 15.2 fl oz / 450 ml
  • BPA & Lead free