Hilltribe Clothing FAQs

How does your clothing fit?
Our sizing chart is a good guideline for how our clothing fits but as since we carry clothing from a number of different countries and manufactures we will also give suggestions on each item description such as fits true to size or recommending to size up or down.

Do you carry men's clothing as well?
We do not typically carry men's clothing but we do from time to time carry unisex clothing such as our 100% New Zealand wool sweaters.

What materials are used to make your clothing?
Depending on where the clothing is made, different textiles are used.  Garments from Indonesia are made with a natural fiber rayon that is made out of tree pulp.  Items from Nepal are made from 100% cotton that can either be of a heavier weight or light.  Clothing from India and China can either be a light weight cotton or polyester.

What is batik and hand painted?
Batik and hand painting is a technique used in Indonesia as a way to add colourful and bright patterns and designs to material.  Batiking is a process of dying a piece of material then stamping it with a metal stamp that has been dipped in wax and dyed again with a different colour.  This process can be done many times until the desired design has been achieved.  Hand painted differs only that the artist  uses a pen dipped in wax and draws a design on the material instead of using a stamp.  This process can take more time but the end result is truly a piece of artwork!

What are the care & washing instructions?
We recommend that all of our clothing be washed by hand in cold and hung to dry.  This will ensure that you can enjoy your clothing for many years to come without it fading or losing shape.  For brightly coloured items we recommend a pre-soak in cool water with about 1/4 cup of salt to help set the dyes and prevent any runoff.  For items with a crinkle finish there is never a need to iron unless you feel that the crinkle has tightened up too much after washing but this can also be loosened up by your body heat as you wear it.  For any item that you wish to iron, we recommend you do so either with a press cloth or by turning the garment inside out.

How is the clothing made?

Our clothing is typically Canadian designed and produced in Nepal or Indonesia.  We also carry some items that have been made in India as well as China, these items are made by families living there and purchased from them at local markets.  There are no sweat shops or any child labour involved in any garment we sell so you can feel good about what you are wearing and supporting.

What is a sarong and how do I wear one?
A sarong is a large piece of material that can be worn in a multitude of ways and is favoured as a beach cover-up by many.  With just a few twists you can wear your sarong as a skirt, a bandeau dress, a halter dress and more.  Our sarongs come from Indonesia and have either been hand painted or batik stamped.  They are made from a very light natural fiber rayon which makes it super breathable.  Learn all the different ways to tie a sarong!