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Home Decor FAQs

What type of woods are used in the carvings?
Majority of our wood decor comes from Indonesia.  Suar or Rain Tree is used in most of our dark dark brown carvings.  It is a brown, hard wood and is favoured among importers outside of the tropics because of how the crisscrossed, inter- locking grain keeps the wood from cracking when moved to drier climates. It can be finished to a fairly high gloss and is smooth to the touch.  Our painted items are carved from a white soft wood known as Albesia.  It is a very light wood making it perfect for carving and painting over.  Any carvings that we have that are very light and almost white come from Crocodile wood which is a heavier hard wood that is naturally very light in colouring.  Any two-tone carvings (white and grey) comes from a wood called Waru or Grey Hibiscus.  This wood can be sanded to a very smooth finish.

How do I care for and clean my new wood piece?
For all unpainted items we recommend a weekly cleaning with a moisturizing oil.  At our shop we use Lemon Oil but coconut oil is a great alternative.  This will not only keep your wood clean but it will help to keep it moisturized which will prevent any cracks from forming.  If your home is very dry you may find that you need to do this more often.  Any painted items can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth or household polish.

Where are your home decor items made?
Our home decor items come from Indonesia, India and Thailand.  You will notice the country of origin noted in an items description. For most cases our giftware is purchased directly from the artists themselves who are either selling them from their home or at the local markets. For the other small percentage of items, they are purchased from small businesses that make sure to pay fair wages to their employees as well as benefits.  We do not purchase items that are mass produced so once again you can feel good about what you are purchasing and supporting.

Are your lamps CSA approved?
Yes all of our lamps are CSA approved and 100% safe.  Each paper star lantern comes folded with directions, a CSA approved electrical cord and a metal protector that goes around the light bulb itself.  It is recommended to never above a 40 watt bulb with the paper lanterns or a 7 watt bulb with the coconut night lights. If you choose you can use the energy efficient bulbs that last longer and do not give off any heat.