Jewelry & Accessories FAQs

Where does your different jewelry come from?
Our silver line comes from either Mexico or Thailand and each item is stamped so you can be assured that what you are buying is pure sterling rather than simply coated.  Our less expensive bead and shell line is made by hand in Indonesia and/or Canada.  The organic gauge and faux gauge piercings come directly from Indonesia.

Are any of your jewelry hypo-allergenic?
All of our sterling silver jewelry is hypo-allergenic.  Our Organic Body Jewelry comes from the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia.  Materials used range from various types of reclaimed wood, water buffalo horn & bone, and semi-precious stones.  All of our faux gauge earrings are made from either wood or water buffalo horn and have a surgical steel post in the middle.  Our hoop and stick wood earrings are carved from various types of wood with the pin in the middle made from horn which results in less breakage and no splinters.  This entire line is hypo-allergenic and perfect for sensitive ears.  Our less expensive beaded jewelry is not hypo-allergenic and may cause an allergic reaction.

Why are your gauge piercings only from organic materials?
Big gauge body piercing jewelry made from organic materials is much more comfortable and hygienic to wear than those made from synthetics and metals which can also give away a bad odour when worn.  Wood has become a favourite to wear as it is virtually odourless!

Do any animals get harmed in the making of your gauge piercings?
Absolutely not!  The buffalo horn that is used is acquired from the island of Sumatra from domesticated water buffalos.  These are not killed for their horn, the horn is merely a bi-product.

What are the benefits of wearing wood gauge earrings?
As mentioned above, wood has become extremely popular in recent years due to the fact that it is odour-free and it is also the most hygienic material to use for ear stretching.  Wood is also very light and keeps a comfortable temperature in all climates. The wood used to make these piercings comes from salvaged scraps left over from furniture production.

How do I keep my silver looking its best?
Our silver jewelry will never tarnish your skin and rarely needs cleaning as long as you have it on.  The oils from your skin keep the silver sparkling and clean.  It is the oxygen in the air from it sitting in a jewelry box that oxidizes the silver making it look dull and tarnished.  If this happens you can clean it with any silver polish or make your own 1 quart warm water, 1 tbs baking soda, 1 sheet of aluminum foil and a nonreactive pan.  Line the pan with the foil and pour the water mixed with the baking soda into the pan with your silver jewelry and let it sit until it sparkles again once buffed with a dry cloth! 

How do I care for my wood gauge piercings?
First off wood jewelry should only be worn in healed piercings.  Organic materials are breathable and therefore require little cleaning.  From time to time you may want to remove your piercings and wipe them down with a damp cloth.  We recommend that you oil them once dry and before putting them back in.  The oil helps to avoid cracking and you can use any natural plant oil such as jojoba or coconut oil.  It is best to try to not to get them we for any extended period of time so we recommend removing your wood gauges before showering or swimming.