Who We Work With

At Hilltribe Ontario we strive to only work with companies and organizations that share our beliefs in fair pay, safe working conditions and no discrimination of any kind. The majority of our partners are Canadian owned companies who began with a passion for culture and bringing sustainable economy to small communities around the globe.  Below you can read about some of the amazing companies that we are currently working with.


Alchemy Fashions  Alchemy offers ethically and sustainably produced fashion that are beautiful, affordable, and radiates with good energy. Alchemy strongly believes in supporting grassroots, organic and fair trade movements, where people and nature are put above profit. Their hope is that you will continue to get informed about eco fashion, and use your purchasing power to support earth-friendly companies. When you buy Alchemy Fashions, you can feel good about where you clothes come from, and “wear the love!”. View collection 


 ~ Established in 1985, Ark Imports has been manufacturing responsibly for many years.  All of the clothing and accessories that Ark produces come from the Kathmandu Valley in Nepal and by wearing the Ark label you are helping to support fair wages and provide a safe working environment for the local artisans and producers. Since starting a business relationship within Nepal more than 25 years ago, Ark Imports has become one of the founding members of the Joy Foundation and a proud member of Pranamaya-Ganesh Bahadur Chitrakar Memorial Foundation as well as the Strongsten Bhrikuti Boarding High School and the Tibetan Children's Education Welfare Fund.  A certified FTF member, you can be proud to wear the mark of the Ark!  View collection.


Augie by Carrie Jewelry ~ Augie by Carrie Jewelry is a locally owned and operated business. The owner herself creates nature and crystal gemstone inspired jewelry for the free spirited. A lot of these beautiful pieces are hand formed then electroformed in copper right in her home studio. Electroforming is a multi step process in which copper is grown onto the object using a chemical bath and electricity. This technique is very organic and rustic which truly makes each piece one of a kind. See the entire collection.


   ~  Buckstone Gifts and Gourmet Food distributes a wide variety of specialty gourmet food and gift products from all over the world. Located in Northern Ontario, the owners travel the islands of Indonesia and other countries searching out the finest and unique gifts, jewelry and accessories. The majority of their suppliers work out of their own homes where each generation contributes to the production of each item being made. These families set the prices and share the profits among themselves. Buckstone is a proud fair trade company. View collection.


Chaotic Trading ~ Founded in 1998 they have quickly become one of the front-runners in the organic body jewelry industry. They strive to offer the best quality and most unique pieces while bringing sustainable income to the Balinese & Thailand artists they employ, many of whom are in wheelchairs and therefore considered unemployable.  All of their products are crafted from organic materials that have been recycled, salvaged or sustainably harvested. View collection.


 ~  The Elora Soap Company was founded by John & Karen Kimpel in 1987 in Elora, Ontario, Canada. Working from their century home John & Karen make their own products, grow their own herbs and run a retail storefront. All of their products are 100% natural and meant to heal the soul as well as your skin. Their line of pure essential oils and fragrance oils are top notch and of the best quality. The Fragrance Oil line is named as such due to the addition of Jojoba or Almond Oil as a base carrier. which is done in an effort to keep costs down or because the oil without dilution would be a thick tar like mass. Rest assured that there are not any carcinogenics or synthetics in this line. View collection.


Guru for Life ~ Guru practices fair trade principles and is committed to creating clothing in an ethical manner. We are a different kind of fashion business giving our customers an alternative to fast fashion. Guru collaborates with local artisans in Rajasthan from design to handmade production. We have worked in India for almost 2 decades with family run businesses. View collection.


Monague Native Crafts ~ Monague Native Crafts (MNC) is a 100% Native owned Canadian company that has been supplying top quality unique products for over 30 years. In the early years, the business started as a mobile retail that operated out of the family van where Sandi Monague Roy, the owner, and her eldest daughters lived the majority of time. The demand for her products grew and Sandi developed a cottage industry to assist her to keep up with production. The company grew to quickly become one of the largest suppliers of Handmade Canadian giftware. MNC is a highly regarded and recognized top-quality supplier of dream catchers, jewelry and souvenir items. The team at MNC is dedicated to provide superior customer service. All products are made in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, Canada by artisans that have been with the family for years. Our offices and warehouse is situated on the Pekw’xe:yles Reserve - Sto:Lo Nation in Mission, BC. View Collection.


Nature's Artifacts Inc. ~ was established in 2004 and founded on the principle of sourcing and manufacturing products beneficial for overall health and well-being. Their range of natural products consists handcrafted gem stone jewelry, aromatherapy essential oils, bath & spa preparations, as well as handmade lamps and candle holders. They adhere to the principles of fair trade and work with reputable vendors & artisans who follow the essential criteria of minimum wage for workers, no child labour and environmental responsibilities such as hand mined crystals for minimum impact on environment. Their team travels globally throughout the year, ensuring that their products are sourced with utmost love, care and respect, ethically and sustainably. Nature’s Artifacts is truly a global company, offering a range of products which exhibit the craftsmanship and uniqueness of skilled artists throughout the world and are pleased to be in partnerships with craftsmens from Pakistan, Brazil, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mexico, India and Indonesia. View collection.


 ~ Nature’s Expression is a Canadian wholesaler specializing in natural gifts and souvenirs including semi-precious stones, crystals, minerals and salt products. Many of the countries they buy from, including Bali, Guatemala and India, support various artisan communities through their own social responsibility initiatives. This is a form of fair trade, where income is being used to support a diverse group of small manufacturers and families. Most of their semi-precious stones and crystal come from family owned mines that are passed down from generation to generation, much like a family farm in Canada. All of their products support the communities they come from and are always sourced from ethical and sustainable resources. They have been in business for over 27 years. View collection.


  ~ Papa Fashions is a proud Canadian-owned family business which was established in 1991. At Papa, they strive to bring out the latest trends and fashions, while guaranteeing top quality. Imports and manufacturing from all over the world help to keep their fashions on top, and help the everyday woman dress to her best.

Although not a certified Fair Trade company, Papa Fashions goes above & beyond to make sure that all employees, no matter which country they are from, are paid fairly while working in a safe and comfortable environment. Manufacturing clothing in India, Indonesia, as well as China, Papa Fashions guarantees that they have personally inspected all of the factories that they deal with in each of these countries. They are approved by Papa Fashions personally, in order to make sure that they are not sweatshops before any production begins. They also source out certified exporters who employ hundreds of people with the best working conditions. The factories themselves are also audited semi-annually as Papa Fashions continues their relationship with them in order to make sure that the conditions are at the same or better standards from when originally approved. Under their 3 brands: PAPA, FEELINGS, and XCEPTION, you can find the perfect outfit whether it be contemporary, celebratory, or vacation! View collection.


 ~  Mohawk Artist, Tonya Maracle, is a registered Band member with the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario, Canada. She has lived on the Territory her entire life, and has operated her arts and crafts business, Soaring Eagle, that she founded in 1995.  Every product carried by Soaring Eagle is originally designed by Tonya, and is handcrafted on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. She is proud to say all her company’s products are meticulously handcrafted using all natural materials, such as genuine deerskin, cowhide, horsehair, pheasant feathers, deer antler, semi-precious stones, and high quality beads such as glass and ceramic. In an era of ready-made imported products, Soaring Eagle stands out for high-quality genuine Native arts and crafts. Everyone at Soaring Eagle takes great pride and consideration to details in every product they make and you are sure to notice the difference. View collection.


Stone Handcrafts & Gifts ~ A small family based Canadian company who work with artisans and families within India to handcraft leather goods and other accessories from carvings, meditation tools, scarves, bags and more. Every piece is made by hand making each truly unique.  By purchasing products from Stone Handcrafts & Gifts, you are helping to bring sustainable income to small, family run businesses in India.  View collection.


As well, from time to time we will feature & sell items made by local artists! You can read more about them included in descriptions of the products they have made.