Hematite Gemstone Energy Flow Dreamcatcher 4"


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A beautiful 4" wide dreamcatcher embedded with Hematite gemstones and wrapped in black coloured leather.

Hematite will help to keep you feeling centered and grounded. It reconnects you with the energy of the Earth to ground your mind, body and spirit., allowing you to shift from a state of overwhelm and anxiety to one of calm and balance. Because of its calming and grounding energies, Hematite can help in promoting a deep and healing sleep.

The Dreamcatcher is one of the most beautiful stories in Native American Mythology. It is said that both good dreams and bad dreams circulate in the night air. The loop, its centre woven in a web-like pattern, allows the good dreams to pass through the web into the sleeper, while entangling the bad dreams in the web where they perish at the first light of dawn. 


  • Handcrafted in Canada by an Indigenous owned company in the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia
  • All natural materials
  • Measures 4" in diameter