Blue Agate Crystal Phone Pop Socket



Agate is the stone of protection, creates a sense of security and safety. It promotes balance and harmony and grounds the mind body and spirit. The stone for steady progress.

This agate slice crystal phone grip is designed as a phone holder. The natural agate makes the phone grip non-slippery which can also be doubled as a phone stand. The agate phone charm can be attached to the cell phone case having a secure grip of 3M super strong adhesive. Intended as an iPhone holder it can be mixed and matched with other phone accessories.

Please Note: This crystal phone grip is made from natural stones due to which each piece is different from one another. The textures, design, shade and size of the stones may vary and the delivered product may not be the exact copy of the picture shown. Also, there may be some spots of discoloration, unstructured edges and clefts in this natural stone stand as the original shape and design of the stone has been preserved for uniqueness. Sizes, diameters and weight of each phone grip will vary between 4cm-8cm as per the natural dimensions of the stone. Please feel free to contact if you have any further query regarding the product.


  • Each is unique & one of a kind
  • Each has been dyed a vibrant hue that accentuates the bands in each slice
  • Made in Brazil