Amethyst Polished Point Pendant Necklace

Amethyst Polished Point Pendant Necklace

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Wear this Amethyst Point Pendant to dispel negativity and surround yourself with a sense of calm. Amethyst is a stone of the spirit and a crystal of protection, selflessness, nobleness, spiritual consciousness, meditation, balance and inner peace. Spirituality, it is said to bring harmony and peace in all areas of life. Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz crystal composed of silicon dioxide with traces of iron. Helpful in ridding nightmares, it is thought to dispel negativity and create a peaceful environment. Also helpful to calm an overworked and over stressed mind. Stone of peace and strength, Amethyst activates the crown chakra.

Wear this pendant on the included black cord or put it on a silver chain to really make it shine! Each pendant comes from natural pieces of Amethyst. Please note no two stones are the same and product may not be exactly as shown.



  • Made in Brazil
  • Adjustable slipknot cord; 16-32"
  • Silver plated clasp
  • Please note, some stones vary in size and weight, most are between 3 and 4 cm and 4-8 grams.