Amethyst~Selenite~ Palo Santo~Sage Smudge Kit



Sage is a holy plant that has been used for thousands of years, by many ancient cultures to cleanse and purify. Negative energies get trapped in the smoke and then ascend to the heavens, leaving purified space. Our ancestors, without the benefit of modern science, understood that Sage has physical healing properties as well. It has proven antibacterial properties that will cleanse your physical space as well as your metaphysical space.Palo Santo, like Sage,has also been used for smudging for centuries. Coming from the coast of South America, it is from the same family as Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal.The name literally translates to 'Holy Wood'. It offers spiritual cleansing similar to Sage and Cedar, but also raises your personal vibrational energy for deeper meditation, creativity and connection to Source. It is also said to ease the immune and nervous system for faster physical healing, it has been used to treat symptoms of the common cold and the flu, helping with headaches, pain relief, inflammation, as well as anxiety and depression.

Also included is a Raw Amethyst, the stone of the spirit and a crystal of protection, selflessness, nobleness, spiritual consciouness, balance and inner peace. Amethyst is said to bring harmony and peace in all areas of life and to protect against life's addictions.

To cleanse using Sage or Palo Santo, start by opening all doors and windows. Burn the stick and let smoke, you may also put in an abalone shell, start the cleanse from the entrance carrying on from each room. Put a lot of focus in areas that feel heavy. Crystals pick up energy around them constantly, therefore, it is recommended to cleanse crystals before setting an intention, to receive pure energy and the highest vibrations. To cleanse a crystal, fully enfold it in smoke of the holy plant. Resting your small crystal on the selenite stick will remove negative energy and amplify the vibrations and energy of the crystals. 


  • Made In Canada
  • White Sage Bundle Measures 5" long
  • Palo Santo Stick Measures approx 4" long
  • Selenite Ruler Measures 4" long
  • Raw Amethyst stone included
  • Fair trade product

    *Do not leave smudge kit burning unattended, Use with Caution and always put out when done cleansing.