Angel Aura Raw Point
Angel Aura Raw Point
Angel Aura Raw Point
Angel Aura Raw Point

Angel Aura Raw Point

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Inspire your own fairy tale with the whimsical rainbow vibes that beam from an Angel Aura Quartz Point. Made by treating Quartz crystal with Platinum, this fusion not only creates a stunning spectrum of hues, it also brightens the aura with an impressive range of energies, from cleansing and amplifying the spirit to relieving stress and manifesting a brighter reality.

Working with the high vibrational abilities of Quartz, and the energy conducting functions of Platinum, Angel Aura Quartz will have an intense effect on your energy. On it’s own, Quartz can program, cleanse and amplify energy. Used to set intentions, Quartz purifies and aligns the entire chakra field to bring manifestations into reality.

Truly divine, you can rely on the pure energy of these Angel Aura Quartz Points to be your guardian angels in times of need. Whether you’re feeling energetically stuck, out of balance or just clogged with a cloud of negativity, you can use these Angel Aura Points to direct light into your spiritual being. It creates a bubble of peace, tranquility and positive energy around you to help you release stress. It carries an uplifting, spiritual energy that heals your aura and brings energetic health. It watches over you like a guardian from the universe, protecting your aura and bringing positivity into your energy field. Directed toward you, this point will infuse you with the cleansing energy of Quartz. Aligning your chakras, it will introduce harmony between mind, body and spirit so that a sense clarity can return to your mental space. Turned away from you, the intentions that you program into this crystal will travel a rainbow beam from you to the universe to attract supreme manifestation power.

Angel Aura Quartz points are called master healers because they combine Quartz energy with that of Platinum. While Platinum connects to all chakras, it is especially felt in the root and sacral chakras. Quartz and Platinum are both energy multipliers, so the grounding effect of the Gold is helpful for rooting the rouse of energy into a specific focus or intention. Allow the confidence that Platinum encourages to revitalize your ambitions, while the Quartz gets rid of negativity, self-doubt and fears. Quartz is one of the best crystals for breaking through stagnant energy and changing negative patterns. The more you embrace the energy of Angel Aura Quartz Points, the more you can begin to transform your dreams into real-life happily ever afters.

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  • Also known as Opal Aura Quartz
  • Sold individually
  • Sizing varies
  • From USA

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