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Also known as Amphibole Quartz, these beautiful crystals are types of quartz crystal that are found only in Brazil. Their color is usually clear or white quartz with inclusions of white, yellow, peach, brown, gold, orange, pink or red, and many have quite clear areas within them. The clear areas within are believed to help you find clarity in your communication with the higher realms. These crystals are a type of phantom quartz that have an obvious section where you can see phantoms within them. The phantoms that you see are caused by inclusions of many different types of minerals, and these minerals also add to the vibration of each individual stone. Many of these stones also have white inclusions that may have phantoms resembling the wings of angels, hence the name given to this stone! The white inclusions do vary quite a bit, with some having larger and more distinct phantoms and others having smaller white patches within. The white areas within are commonly White Kaolinite which works to help boost your clairaudient abilities.

Angel Phantom Quartz has a lovely and calm vibration that will help you to reach the higher realms in meditation. These stones may be used to make contact with angelic beings, and to find a deep sense of inner peace & tranquility. These particular specimens have inclusions of Hematite which contributes to the varying in colour from a deep red, to pink, orangey pink and orange. Stones that have Hematite inclusions within, bring to those crystals an energy to aid clarity, peacefulness and a sense of deep calm as well as helping to ground you. 

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  • Sold individually
  • Approximately 2 cm; sizing varies
  • From Brazil