Aqua Aura Crystal Point Pendant

Aqua Aura Crystal Point Pendant

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This beautiful Aqua Aura necklace will bring you so much positivity!


Aqua Aura Quartz is all about providing direction through positive reinforcement. It acts as an emotional advocate, highlighting your infinite potential. When you find yourself questioning your journey, use aqua aura healing energy to give yourself a renewed sense of purpose. Through encouraging you to seek out more from life, aqua aura healing properties will flood you with inspiration.


These vibrant, blue aqua aura pendant stones are created in-part by mother nature, and in-part by human craftsmanship. By heat treating quartz with gold, a radiant blue shade emerges. The result is a crystal bond that holds the healing properties of both quartz and gold. Naturally, this is a high vibrational crystal. The stimulating essence of aqua aura meaning will prove especially beneficial to your third eye, throat and crown chakras. 


This crystal lends a sense of protection to your renewed passion by filling you with such an abundance of conviction that no amount of outside negativity can dim your positive vibrancy. That energy is also beneficial to your throat chakra, because it urges you to speak your mind. Only by expressing what you want, can you get it. Of course, in sending its positivity to the crown chakra, aqua aura quartz will open and uplift your mind.





  • Made in Brazil
  • Slipknot design; adjustable cord from 15 cm up to 30 cm
  • Terminated cut aqua aura stone, length- approx 3 cm
  • Silver plated clasp
  • Please note, some stones vary in size and weight, most are between 3 and 4 cm and 4-8 grams.