Aquamarine (Beryl) Pieces Raw


Aquamarine crystals are pale blue-green gemstones from the same beryl family that includes morganite and emerald. Aquamarine is a true crystal that naturally forms hexagonal columns. The iron in aquamarine crystals give them their blue tone, and when they're heated they can become even bluer.

Aquamarine is said to symbolize youth and happiness, and it is the birthstone for March. For crystal healing enthusiasts, aquamarine is often paired with heart stones, such as rhodonite, green opal, rose quartz, pink halite, chrysocolla, and green calcite, where the combination of powers is thought to speed the healing of the heart when used in meditation.

For feng shui practice, aquamarine crystal benefits revolve around the gemstone's calming, balancing properties. And the blue-green color of aquamarine crystals is good for its ability to shield a home from bad energy.

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  • Sold individually
  • From Brazil
  • Measures 3 - 5 cm

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