Green Aventurine Tumbled




Green aventurine is translucent green quartz with chrome mica inclusions. It is often mistaken for jade. The name aventurine derives from the Italian a ventura meaning by chance.

As a healing stone, it was once thought to draw out the heat of fevers, inflammation and nervous system stress. Green aventurine is a popular meditation and healing stone and is said to promote tranquility, positive attitudes, health and well-being. Like most green crystals, Green Aventurine is a heart chakra stone and will help in the area of love relationships.  It is also good to meditate with them, as this may boost your ability to handle life changes. These green stones have a lovely energy that has the capacity to aid you in releasing anxiety... so using them is a good way to relieve stress. These crystals are known to also aid prosperity. They are a stone of luck and will help you to manifest money if that is what you want.

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  • Sold individually; price is per one stone
  • Approximately 2 cm; sizing varies
  • From India

Customer Reviews

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This semi precious stone is magnificent, genuinely I believe that it has helped me in my place of work— in terms of wealth. When i had the stone on me in certain shifts my tips would increase dramatically. It is such a pretty shade of green and genuine.

Denise Jackson
Little Sparkly Apple Stone

That’s what I call Green Aventurine as it reminds me of a Granny Smith Apple. This stone is perfect. Lots of inclusions to give it a lot of sparkle. Beautiful colour and transparency. I love it!