Azurite Malachite
Azurite Malachite
Azurite Malachite
Azurite Malachite

Azurite Malachite

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With the intuition of Azurite and the wisdom of Malachite, these tumbled gemstones will help you cut through the mental fog to find the clarity you’ve been looking for. Azurite is highly attuned to one’s psyche and brings deep wisdom and insight. Malachite is the friend you go to when you need unfiltered advice. Anyway you slice it, this is a stone of truth.

Anyway you slice it, Azurite Malachite is a stone of truth. Azurite is highly attuned to one’s psyche. Not only does it bolster your insight, it enlightens you to realities you may not have considered. Though this might seem jarring, sometimes in order to shift your perspective, you have to be jarred out of your current outlook. That’s where malachite becomes a powerful ally.

Malachite is the friend you go to when you need unfiltered relationship or life advice. As a protective stone that brings balance to the mind and spirit, malachite will bring harmony to your emotions during moments of harsh reality checks. Tough love from a tough crystal, malachite will bring you to identify the problems in your thinking, yet soften the blow by helping you to figure out healthier mental processes.

If you constantly find yourself running over and over the same things in your mind, you’ve likely kicked up a lot of dust that makes it hard to think clearly. To breakthrough negative patterns, the malachite points you in a new direction and gives you the strength to pursue better habits. In turn, the copper in azurite will ground with earthly willpower your determination to change.

Transformations, even when positive, can be scary. They take you into the unknown, and challenge you in ways that are different than you’re used to. To keep from returning to old cycles, use the energy conducting power of azurite to alleviate that fear with healing vibrations. Whether it’s internal truths or the sincerity of others that you’re seeking, this stone will bring you to a realization with courage, understanding and emotional harmony.

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