Big Body Zebra 100 cm



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As a member of the horse family, Zebras are distinct. Every black and white stripe on every zebra in every herd is also distinct- an excellent metaphor for Zebra's teaching. Though zebras rely upon group dynamics for survival, they equally honor the individual views and talents of each herd member. Zebra teaches the power of belonging wholeheartedly to a group without losing one's sense of self. Fast and agile, zebras are accomplished at moving quickly in the midst of confusion. Zebra can thus help you to stay focused even when chaos is all around you. Zebra advises integrating energies- male and female, dark and light, known and unknown- so that we may experience life in larger ways. In Zebra's world, things are not so much black or white, but black and white. Move past rigid viewpoints that separate and divide, says Zebra. Rather, observe the complement of contrast, celebrate variety, and embrace a plurality of views.

This lovely zebra has been hand carved in Indonesia from Albesia or Belalu wood and then hand painted. 



  • Hand carved in Indonesia
  • 100 cm high
  • Black and white painted stripes
  • In-store pick up only; this item cannot be shipped


  • Gently wipe down with pledge