Black Mother of Pearl & Brass Earrings


Beautiful, delicate & stunning are the best words to describe these earrings. Made from natural Mother of Pearl and high quality brass imported from Italy. Put on these earrings for a special occasion or for just lounging around the house, either way these earrings are sure to quickly become your favourites!

The energies mother of pearl will tap you into your inner wisdom, and lead you to do everything with heart and intellect as well as encourage you to express your thoughts and emotions ardently and reflectively.

Mother of pearl is made from pearl oysters and is the largest pearl oysters in the world. The colour ranges from shiny white to pale yellow to almost black. We purchase our oysters from local local farms that are small start ups sponsored by the local government. For our jewelry, we use the husk part of the shell that is a bi-product from the cultured pearl industry.

Our Brass jewelry is only made from imported nickel-free and lead free brass from Italy and Germany that has been specifically processed for high quality jewelry production. By ensuring our brass quality we don't have to coat our brass with any lacquer.



  • Hand made product from natural materials
  • Due to their natural material, not two items will be identical in design, colour or texture
  • Made in Thailand
  • Measures 35mm x 25mm
  • Sold as a pair
  • Piercing size 1 mm

Customer Reviews

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Judy Chambers

I love these earrings, they are gorgeous!