Raw Black Tourmaline Earrings

Raw Black Tourmaline Earrings

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These powerful black tourmaline earrings will aid in understanding oneself and others. They promote self-confidence and diminish fear as it attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity. It can also help treat paranoia while releasing tension, in turn making it helpful for spinal adjustments. 

Black is one of the many colours of tourmaline. However, since it is pleochroic, it might be green when viewed along a different axis. This crystal is also piezoelectric which means that through mechanical action an electric pulse is formed, similar to quartz.

As a healing stone, black tourmaline is said to protect against cell phones and radiation. It grounds energy, clears negative thoughts and increases physical vitality. Tourmaline is said to strengthen the immune system, treat arthritis and provide pain relief.

These particular earrings are made from natural pieces of Black Tourmaline. Cut in all different shapes and sizes, each piece is unique in its own way, shape and form. Please note no two stones are the same and product may not be exactly as shown.



  • Made in Brazil
  • Sold as a pair
  • Entire length- approx 4 cm; Black Tourmaline pieces, approx 2 cm
  • Sterling Silver setting and hook
  • Weight- 12 grams
  • Please note, stones vary in size and weight making each piece is unique and one of a kind