Cedar, Rose Buds & Rose Quartz Large Botanicals Sacred Smudge Bundle

Cedar, Rose Buds & Rose Quartz Large Botanicals Sacred Smudge Bundle

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Botanical Smudge in Cedar with Rose Petals and Rose Quartz. Each bundle is accompanied with a plantable paper embedded with wildflower seeds, smudging directions and comes packed in a colored organza pouch. Due to being a natural, wildly grown herb, our California white sage and cedar bundle sizes will vary and are approximate.

Cedar is an herb used by cultures for the use of smudging. Cedar is generally burned during prayer as it is said the smoke carries your prayers to the creator. It is used in sweat lodges and in homes during cleansing as it helps to purify the energy of the space. Cedar drives out old and negative energies and helps to drive in positive energies. It is considered a very ancient positive omen and is still used today in conjunction with sage.

100% handcrafted in Canada by a Native owned company.  Cultures around the globe make flower offerings. This bundle combines the love and peace energies from rose petals and buds and the power of clarity and love from a rose quartz crystal. 

Complete instructions for thoroughly smudging your space are included. 

Honour the gifts from Mother Earth with this sacred smudge by planting the enclosed paper that is embedded with wildflower seeds. 



  • Each bundle has been handcrafted and is unique
  • Sage bundle measures 10" long
  • Wrapped with rose petals and rose buds
  • Wrapped with a rose quartz crystal that is approximately 1.5" X 1.5"
  • Made in Canada