Buddha Chakra Gypsum Incense Holder



This Buddha incense holder is depicted deep in meditation. He has been adorned with seven stones, one representing each of the chakras. May this incense holder help to bring you peace and tranquility while you are on your journey.

For Buddha, life is to be lived on Earth, not in Heaven, and Nirvana is not a place, but a state of mind in which one is released from fear and desire, living in love and compassion here on Earth.

Contains amethyst (crown chakra), lapis lazuli (third eye chakra), blue quartz (throat chakra), green aventurine (heart chakra), citrine (solar chakra), carnelian (sacral chakra), and red jasper (root chakra). Many healers believe that if our chakras are happy and healthy, then we will be happy and healthy. However, if our chakras are out of balance - our minds and bodies will also be out of balance.



  • Made in Canada
  • Formed from gypsum with semi-precious stones
  • Measures 3.5" tall.