Butterfly Car Aromatherapy Clip



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A car freshner with a butterfly on the front. Butterflies are symbols of powerful transformation, purity and beauty. They inspire a lightness of being that is in tune with the emotional or spiritual rather than more earthly matters. In many cultures they are viewed as the departed souls of ancestors; while the chrysalis may be the souls trapped inside the body, the butterfly represents the emergence and freedom of the soul. Use this freshner with any of your favourite essential oils to create a personalized scent to aid in fresher air as well as a healthy state of mind. This reusable aromatherapy clip is perfect for the car or any other personal space.

Each aromatherapy clip comes with 5 reusable felt pads, each in a different colour, allowing you to interchange the scent and look of your clip as your mood suits. Use this car clip in place of a one time use cardboard deodorizer as this stainless steel clip can be scented with natural essential oils again and again. The clip has a magnetic clasp with a pin to ensure it always stays securely closed.

Essential oils sold separately here!

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