Motivation Carnelian Chip Necklace 36"




Carnelian, the red or orange variety of chalcedony AKA agate, contains various iron compounds. 

As a healing stone, it is a known for motivation and has been called the “self-esteem stone.” It assists in focusing on the present, stimulates appetite, physical energy, emotions, passion, and concentration. Carnelian's main qualities are energizing and rounding/centering. Carnelian also has protective qualities, and can fill one with warmth, joyful gratitude and a genuine simple happiness. It is a stone that activates one's flow of inner power, the sexual energy flow and is often recommended for women.

Handmade in India, This beautiful necklace is made from chipped pieces of carnelian and hangs 36” long. A gorgeous piece to wear or wrap around as a bracelet. 


  • Handmade in India
  • 36” long
  • Made from chipped pieces 
  • Stone- Carnelian
  • Necklace