Chakra Orgone Pyramid


Crown (Amethyst)
Third Eye (Lapis)
Throat (Turquenite)
Heart (Aventurine)
Solar Plexus (Citrine)
Sacral (Carnelian)
Root (Red Jasper)

Product Details

Orgonite pyramids are energy generators which amplify intention-energy and nuetralize disruptive environmental energies. This neutralization brings forth kindness, happiness and renewed hope. Orgonite works continuously to clear its surroundings of negativity and harmful environmentsl elements. When infused with the colours of the chakras it focuses on the area of intent.

  • Orgone Energy Emitter 'Orgonite'
  • Protection from negative WiFi emissions / transmutation
  • Harmonize food, water, herbs, plants, people
  • Aligns Auric field - chakra booster
  • Reiki energy infused, 3x3 sized, beautiful pyramid energy
  • Resinn with copper & semi-precious stone
  • 20 mm wide