Citrine Faceted Point Earrings

Citrine Faceted Point Earrings

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These lovely faceted point Citrine earrings are a powerful cleanser and regenerator. Citrine is warming, energizing and highly creative as it cleanses all chakras. Citrine attracts abundance and the ability to manifest. It opens intuition, optimism, joy, confidence, and emotional clarity. An encouraging stone to welcome new beginnings! Long known as the merchant stone, Citrine is associated with abundance and prosperity consciousness. Much more than mere wealth and possessions, prosperity is a state of mind that recognizes your own inner riches. Using Citrine raises your self-esteem, gives you confidence and helps you to value yourself for who you are rather than what you do or own. It lets you live in the moment rather than dreaming of what might be. Citrine gives you energy to manifest your own reality and to attract everything you need.

These particular earrings are made from Citrine Quartz Crystal Points. Please note no two stones are the same and product may not be exactly as shown.



  • Made in Brazil
  • Sold as a pair
  • Entire length- approx 5 cm; Citrine pieces, approx 2 cm
  • Silver plated 
  • Weight- 10 grams
  • Please note, stones vary in size and weight making each piece is unique and one of a kind