Clear Quartz Chunk
Clear Quartz Chunk
Clear Quartz Chunk
Clear Quartz Chunk

Clear Quartz Chunk

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Refresh your spirit with one of our milky quartz crystals!

Milky quartz is also known as 'snow quartz' or simply 'white quartz’' It is associated with innocence and tranquility. Milky quartz is said to help us view the world without preconceived ideas or prejudices. It is also believed to stop us being overwhelmed by strong emotions.

This crystal works in the elimination of the negative energies and in the energetic settlement, helps to take away the physical fatigue giving more disposition. It gives us the support we need to learn our lessons in life and helps us to free ourselves from excessive responsibility and limitations. Milky Quartz enhances touch and cooperation as well as helping us think before we speak.


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  • Sold individually
  • Approximately 4 cm; sizing varies
  • From Canada
  • Weighs approximately 25 gr

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