Copper Chakra Healing Wand
Copper Chakra Healing Wand
Copper Chakra Healing Wand
Copper Chakra Healing Wand

Copper Chakra Healing Wand

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The central component of this Healing Wand is a copper tube with 7 gemstones, each representing one of the Chakra Energy points. Each wand also has a terminated tip and a sphere on each end, made from pure Clear Quartz. The tube creates a ‘channel’ of energy which flows in both directions through the wand. You can use the pointed end to direct a focused beam of energy, and the sphere end to send out a diffused 'spray' of high vibrations. Use this Chakra Healing Wand as the ultimate energy tool for personal transformation, healing, awakening and ascension.

Wands are believed  to have been used by highly evolved crystal healers of Atlantis.  Wands have the ability to focus energy through their points. When using a wand for healing, it is important to program with intent, consciously to allow universal healing energy to flow in through your crown chakra, down your arm to the hand holding the wand, then into the wand where it is amplified and passed into the patient.  Using your own energy can make you weak and depleted and need healing yourself. Wands are a popular healing tool. They are used to channel energy in reflexology and massage. The stone should be chosen for its particular benefits and energies.

Featuring a copper shaft approximately 4 1/2", this copper healing wand features seven colored stones corresponding to each of the Chakras to aid in physical and spiritual healing. This healing wand is useful for energy magnification, cleansing the chakras, and to replace negative energies with positive radiant white light. As well, these wands can be used to conduct energy in any room.

Healing/Balancing Effects come from:

Copper: Breaks through energy blockages, improves circulation
Root Chakra: Red Coral - represents energy, warmth, joy
Sacral Chakra: Carnelian - motivation, well-being, sexuality
Solar Chakra:Citrine - abundance, creativity, power
Heart Chakra: Green Aventurine - unconditional love, joy, inner peace 
Throat Chakra:Blue Quartz - self discipline, stress relief, eases fear 
Third Eye Chakra: Lapis Lazuli - intuition, imagination, wisdom 
Crown Chakra:Amethyst - spirituality, enlightenment, connection to the divine