Tribal Energy Spiral Copper Adjustable Ring

Tribal Energy Spiral Copper Adjustable Ring

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This oversized copper ring features the energy spiral set on a hammered backdrop. It is completely adjustable so you can feel free to wear it on any finger you wish! 

The spiral is the age-old intuitive symbol of spiritual development and our identity with the universe. It is found in cultures the world over and reflected in shamanism, serpent cults, mysticism and ritual art and dance throughout history.

Our body needs to copper to help balance out the other elements present. It helps to maintain the elasticity of our blood vessels and plays a prominent role in bone formation, healing, skin cell formation as well as repair. Copper can stimulate the flow of energy and move psychic energies, resulting in more vitality. Consistently wearing copper jewelry can leave a green mark on your skin but not to worry, this is only the telltale sign of the vital nutrients entering your body!



  • Fully Adjustable
  • Made from high quality copper
  • No lacquers applied
  • Nickel. lead & cadmium free
  • Made in Thailand