Double Terminated Turquenite Hoop Earring

Double Terminated Turquenite Hoop Earring

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Stunning silver plated earring with an open design and a genuine double terminated Turquenite (blue howlite) crystal at the base, making this earring all the more stunning!

Turquenite is associated with balance and evening out mood fluctuations. Because it is turquoise dyed howlite, it also shares the properties of howlite, specifically artistic expression, creativity, purity, spirituality, calming, eliminating selfishness, and relieving stress, anxiety and tension.

Double terminated crystals have a single point at each end, formed naturally or cut & polished. Double terminated crystals have their energy flowing both ways making them advantageous for healing and spiritual purposes. As talismans they are used to facilitate communication between individuals, teaching us to listen as well as talk, respond as well as react, and accept as well as question.

*Please Note that this earring is sold individually, if you want a pair please be sure to order 2.


Our silver plated jewelry is made using the same nickel-free and lead-free jewelry grade brass used in our regular brass jewelry line. The brass is then treated to a double process silver plating method using 925 sterling silver and finished with a clear coating for maximum hardiness and protection, extending the life of the sterling silver plating from wearing off. Please note that even with the double process silver plating combined with the extra coating, the silver plating may fade over time as with all plated jewelry, even white gold turns yellow with time.


  • Sold individually, if you want a pair please order 2
  • Made in Thailand
  • Measures 2" x 1.5"
  • Piercing size 1.2 mm
  • Made from high quality silver plated brass
  • Nickel, lead & cadmium free