Dragonfly 2 Drawer Cabinet



Product Details

The image of the joyful dragonfly making its way through a patch of flowers has been beautifully carved onto the front of this 2-drawer chest. Smooth polished top and sides, finished in a deep rich tone, complete the design. This chest is perfect for storing little knicknacks, jewelry, keys, recipes or pretty much anything else that you would like to keep safe and tucked away. Dragonflies represent new light and joy. It is the light that can allow us to see past the illusion. When we believe that our physical conditions can prevent us from changing, the dragonfly reminds us to let our true color come through by using our own inner light.

This cabinet has been lovingly made in India.  You can keep it clean with a damp cloth inbetween periodic oilings with lemon oil.  Measures 8.5 cm x 7 cm x 4 cm.