Elephant Bamboo Wind Chime
Elephant Bamboo Wind Chime
Elephant Bamboo Wind Chime
Elephant Bamboo Wind Chime

Elephant Bamboo Wind Chime

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Bamboo wind chimes make mild, muted, hollow, clacking sounds when he bamboo reeds hit each other. Their sound is described as subtle and soothing;  very different from metal wind chimes and not very loud: 20-30 decibels in a light breeze. This particular chime has the well-loved elephant on top - perfect for the garden!


  • bamboo chimes are not overly loud in comparison with metal wind chimes, so they will not disturb you or your neighbours when placed outdoors
  • unlike the sound of metal wind chimes that brings yang energizing bright energy,  wooden wind chimes sound is more yin and serene
  • the calming, peaceful, soothing sound of bamboo wind chimes helps you relax, unwind, calm down, and fall asleep easier
  • wooden chimes look natural in the garden, they blend with nature
  • bamboo chimes are made of natural and eco-friendly bamboo wood which is a 100% renewable resource
  • they can be used for decoration and for setting mood indoors and outdoors
  • they look great in places of meditation and yoga 
  • perfect for Zen garden
  • they make wonderful gifts for gardeners or people interested in spiritual practices
  • Hand made in Indonesia
  • The elephant on top is 6" long
  • Bamboo cylinders are between 14" and 16"
  • Perfect for indoor or outdoor use