Wire Wrapped Epidote w/Anthibol Necklace

Wire Wrapped Epidote w/Anthibol Necklace

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An adjustable necklace that you can wear at any length to suit your style! This necklace has a genuine Epidote sphere in a spiral gemstone cage on the end.

Epidote acts as an attraction stone - it will bring you more of whatever you emanate. If you are generous, it will bring you bounty. If you are loving and kind, it will bring you love. This works with undesirable qualities as well, so if you are negative it will pull more negativity towards you. It can teach that "you reap what you sow".


Please note: Due to the natural material stones will vary in size, colour and shape. No two stones will ever be identical and you may not receive exact item as shown.



  • Semi-precious stone in spiral gemstone cage
  • No lacquers applied
  • Nickel, lead & cadmium free
  • Slipknot design; adjustable from 16" up to 28"