Eye of Shiva Wood Hoop & Stick Earrings

Eye of Shiva Wood Hoop & Stick Earrings

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Big and bold is what these earrings are! Simple, funky and hand carved from Sono wood with a natural quill for the pin and the Eye of Shiva embedded on each.

Shiva Eye is also known as Mermaid’s Money or Pacific Cat's Eye, is thought to bring good luck and fortune to fisherman. It also assists one in developing awareness of the divine without losing your connection to the earth. This shell is said to protect your wealth and bring good luck and is excellent at enhancing creativity and awakening ones sense of adventure. It banishes fears and insecurities while also protecting against evil. Shiva eye is also a great stone to calm an overactive mind and energize imagination.


These earrings are handcrafted and workers take pride in expert craftsmanship. Slight variations in pattern, design or colour matchings are not to be treated as defect as they are the very characteristics of such handcrafted items.


  • Made from lightweight Sono wood
  • 100% hypo-allergenic
  • Carved out of recycled, reclaimed and sustainably harvested material
  • Hand carved in Bali, Indonesia
  • Recommended to be removed before sleeping
  • Sold as a pair


  • Fits regular sized piercings
  • 3.5 cm x 4 cm