Fuchsite Specimen 78G

Fuchsite Specimen 78G

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Fuchsite promotes the joy of your inner child. It reminds you that youthful vitality stems from a positive attitude in your heart and mind. This stone focuses its energies on your immune system. It will protect and lead your health to improve and your mental state to be fruitful. Fuchsite is a heart chakra stone that connects your mind to your heart. It helps you understand your interaction with others and how your basic needs can be met.

Fuchsite can be used in the garden because it’s closely associated to the spirits of nature. It can work as a kind of elixir to help in the growth of plants. If you use Fuchsite in healing yourself, you can combine it with other stones and crystals to amplify its healing energies and hasten the healing process.

This stone can soothe insomnia and ease your emotional shock. It strengthens your sense of self-respect and helps deal with the excess energies in your body. It can be placed inside your pocket or bag or directly on the skin if you wish to benefit from its healing effects.

Fuchsite can be discharged with Hematite overnight. You can also charge it once a month beside any rock crystal. This stone is believed to be Archangel Raphael’s powerful ally. It invokes Raphael’s profound mind and heart and gives you healing energies while you sleep.

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  • Natural Fuchsite
  • From Brazil
  • Weighs 78g
  • Measures approximately 7cm x 5cm X 2cm