Giraffe Antique Mirror 1 m



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The most noticeable thing about a giraffe is its long, supple neck which also becomes a symbol of its teaching. Giraffe bridges worlds: the ground below with the sky above; earth based knowledge with expansive views; a grounded presence with vantage points that allow perception into the distance and the future. A giraffes neck is elegant, strong and flexible. Giraffe encourages us to look around and consider all points of view before taking action. Peering over treetops, giraffes know in advance what's coming toward them and where to move next. Giraffe models how to use expanded awareness in safe, practical ways. Giraffes are quiet, using body movements to communicate with others. Giraffe teaches attention to detail and visual cues. You may not need words to communicate when a simple gesture or expression can say so much more. Giraffe encourages us to simplify, to refrain from over-explanation or expressing ourselves too loudly. Quiet contemplation yields deep wisdom of self.

This delightful fellow is carved from Albesia or Belalu wood in Indonesia. 


  • Hand carved and painted in Indonesia
  • Measures 1 meter high
  • Clean with a soft cloth moistened with pledge
  • In-store pick up only; this item will not be shipped