Golden Swiss Hanging Bell Chimes

Golden Swiss Hanging Bell Chimes

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These golden swiss holiday bells can be hung just about anywhere! The soft sound they create is so soothing, you would want to ring them all the time! Made from metal and strung by a thick sailors rope, each set has four bells that hang at different lengths. A small metal rod hangs inside to give off that soft temple sound. We carry two different sizes, 46 cm and 81 cm, both are spray painted with a nice golden colour. These peaceful chimes would make a great gift or perhaps you would simply love to hear them chime in your own home!



  • Crafted in India
  • Measures 46 cm or 81 cm
  • Strung by a thick sailors rope
  • Colour- Gold
  • Metal rod hangs inside to create the sound
  • Comes with four strung bells
  • Shape- Seashell
  • Fair trade product