HEM Ginger Incense

HEM Ginger Incense Sticks 20gr

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HEM Ginger incense has a refreshing and uplifting scent that is great to use during times of comtemplation and wanting to view things in a new light. An exceptional incense that embodies the fine art of traditional Indian incense making. Hand rolled in India from all natural ingredients and fine scented oils, HEM Incense is world renowned for fine fragrances. Each sticks about one gram and burns for 30-45 minutes each. There are approximately 20 sticks in each box.

To use incense, place it in an appropriate holder (something that is heat proof) and simply light the tip.  Once a flame appears, gently blow it out so that it is left to slowly burn.  Some people are sensitive to some scents or the smoke that is released, even though it is very minimal.  If this happens, just place your holder on a higher shelf.

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