Hollow Choya Agate with Smoky Quartz
Hollow Choya Agate with Smoky Quartz
Hollow Choya Agate with Smoky Quartz
Hollow Choya Agate with Smoky Quartz

Hollow Choya Agate with Smoky Quartz

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Las Choyas Geodes are amazing works of mother earth’s art!

Las Choyas geodes (aka Coconut Geodes) are mined in Chihuahua, Mexico. These geode pockets are usually located at least 100 feet below the earth’s surface and range in size from 2 to 6 inches in diameter. These geodes can be hollow, semi-hollow or be filled with different types of agate and quartz such as Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, and if you are lucky, even some Amethyst! You can sometimes find secondary minerals or formations inside as well, such as goethite, hematite, mordenite, calcite, apatite, stalactites, galena crystals, just to name a few. 

Mexican “Coconut” geodes are mined in a two square mile area up to 200 feet below the surface about 150 miles south of El Paso, Texas in Chihuahua, Mexico.  These particular geodes frequently contain colorful interiors that range from a clear/light blue quartz to a smoky, brown, lavender, and 5% contain medium to dark purple amethyst quartz crystals.  Additionally, calcite and goethite are also found in about half of these geodes and 5% contain white feathery mordenite.  Numerous additional micro-sized iron and manganese-based minerals are also present in these geodes. Coconut geodes get their name from three features they share in common with real coconuts; they are often hollow, they are invariably round (or close to it), and each has a 'belly button' on the oustide of the geodes just like the stem of a coconut. They are usually between the size of a baseball and a softball, but they can exceed these in either direction.

Geodes are a type of natural rock formation that contain a cavity lined with crystals or another type of mineral matter. They are formed as a hollow bubble inside of a layer of rock which was created by volcanic forces or chemical precipitation. The word Geode comes from the Greek term, Geoides, which means Earth-like. In the healing world, geodes are strange phenomena to many and hold a meaning that assists with harmony and creativity from a metaphysical perspective.

As a healing stone, these geodes can help you to see the whole picture as well as with coming to critical decisions. Choya Agates can aid one have the ability to shape one's own future and bridge communications with the Higher Deity. Geodes are great for helping with communication between people who are in the same healing fields. They can assist one in astral travels and are good tools for meditation, especially the geodes filled with amethyst! These stones can be good for soothing and de-stressing and aid in spirituality and psychism.



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