Lava Stone & Rudraksha Seed Mix Necklace



Product Details

This beautiful beaded necklace features a mix of glass beads, mini lava stones and rudraksha seeds. The lava stones are porous in nature making them perfect for adding a drop or two of your favourite essential oil turning this necklace into an aromatherapy one as well! And being only 13" in length, you will find it the perfect length to wear with just about any outfit, all day long.

Rudraksha seeds are believed to have properties that will subtly affect the subconcious mind of the wearer. Also known as Shiva's eye, these seeds come from a broad-leaved evergreen tree in India. Rudraksha seeds are commonly made into 108 bead malas. Shiva's Eye is considered to be the most potent manifestation of the Cosmic Force. The rudraksha mala sanctifies the mind, body and soul, hence Rudraksha is a way to reach the higher self.

Made by hand in Indonesia.