Local Sweetgrass Braid



Sweetgrass is one of the four plants (tobacco, sage, red cedar and sweetgrass) considered as sacred to First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples. It is known for its sweet scent, which is intensified when it is moistened or burned. Sweetgrass has slightly different significance in different communities. To the Anishnaabe First Nation (Woodland Indians), it is believed to be the sacred hair of O’gushnan, Mother Earth, and is often braided; the three sections representing mind, body, and soul. Some First Nations believe the three sections of the braid represent love, kindness and honesty.

Sweetgrass is used in smudges, healing or talking circles because it has a healing effect as its smoke is believed to purify thoughts, the environment and to eliminate bad or negative thoughts.

A sacred plant of Native America which is used in peace and healing rituals. Burning Sweet Grass is said to purify and clear objects, spaces and people. 

This sweetgrass is supplied by a local indigenous couple.



  • Measures 18 - 24"