Meditation Buddha 12"



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"When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." - Buddha

The word Buddha comes from the ancient Sanskrit word 'bodhi' meaning "awakened". A person who has acheived a state of spiritual enlightenment in accordance with Buddhist teachings is a Buddha. Enlightenment is a state of mind where one is totally aware, at peace, full of oy, ease and freedom. Any person, through dedication and intention, is capable of achieving an enlightened state. To be awakened completely and irrevocably is enlightenment, or Buddahood.

Images of Buddha, such as this one in a position of meditation, are a source of inspiritation and aid devotees in concentrating and expressing their deep reverence and gratitude for the teachings of the great master. Carved from Saur Wood in Indonesia, this peaceful and large sized carved Buddha is holding his hands in the discussion or reasoning position. Measures 12" tall.