Moonstone Polished Point Pendant

Moonstone Polished Point Pendant

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The stone of new beginnings, whether you’re looking to enhance fertility, birth a new project or just begin again. Moonstone will connect you with the energy of the divine feminine and help to unlock the energy of the Moon that resides within you to help you become more in tune with yourself.

Moonstone is a magical crystal that puts you back in touch with your divine feminine and inner goddess. For those days when you’re feeling hopelessly lost or uninspired, remember the power you have within. Unlock your potential, and shine bright with unlimited possibilities. It helps you to unlock the energy of the Moon that resides within you, thereby keeping you in a more balanced state of tranquility.

Aligned with the energy of the Moon, this crystal is connected to a woman’s cycle. It has been used as a symbol of love and clarity since the Middle Ages. Indian astrologers believe having a Moonstone is a way to befriend the Moon. Holding Moonstones under the Full Moon is thought to make you feel connected to the universal rhythms of life.

Wear this pendant on the included black cord or put it on a silver chain to really make it shine! Each pendant comes from natural pieces of Amethyst. Please note no two stones are the same and product may not be exactly as shown.



  • Made in Brazil
  • Cord Length, 24 cm
  • Detailed Silver plated clasp
  • Please note, some stones vary in size and weight, most are between 3 and 4 cm and 4-8 grams.