Jabou Mystic Peace Incense Sticks

Jabou Mystic Peace Incense Sticks

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Its magical side favors inner peace, and helps in attaining peace and serenity in your moments of quietude. You will be charmed by the sacredness of the atmosphere created by this in

These mystic incenses promote peace, harmony, clairvoyance, concentration, relaxation and can activate psychic abilities, mental strength and concentration. This incense helps purify one’s mind and enhances protection.  

Jabou Mystic Peace Incense is hand-rolled masala incense and is made according to ancient tradition with 100% pure and natural essential oils. Each stick will burn for about 1 hour! Its smell is very agreeable and creates an atmosphere of purity and freshness which lasts long after the incense stick has burned.

  • 100% Natural Hand Dipped Incense Sticks
  • 20 Sticks per pack, and each stick is long burning, over 60 minutes
  • Made, with great care, in Canada according to ancient traditions.

    To use incense, place it in an appropriate holder (something that is heat proof) and simply light the tip. Once a flame appears, gently blow it out so that it is left to slowly burn. Some people are sensitive to some scents or the smoke that is released, even though it is very minimal. If this happens, just place your holder on a higher shelf.



    • Contains 20 incense sticks
    • Burns for 60 minutes each
    • Hand rolled in Quebec, Canada from all natural ingredients
    • Always burn incense in a heatproof holder
    • Never leave burning incense unattended