Passionate Garnet 6mm Power Bracelet

Passionate Garnet 6mm Power Bracelet

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Garnet is a family of silicate of magnesium, iron & aluminum. The name originates from the stone’s resemblance to red pomegranate seeds (malum granatum). Due to its hardness, garnet is used largely in abrasives.

As a healing stone garnet is known as the stone for a successful business. It is also popular for improving self-esteem and eliminating depression and is thought to promote lasting relationships. Garnet is a steady warmer; it heats cold fingers and toes and improves sluggish circulation. It generates the body and stimulates the metabolism. Garnet is a useful crystal to have in a crisis. It fortifies, activates and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope in times of trouble.

Since antiquity people have adorned themselves with gemstones for inspiration and protection. Our single strand bracelets will add colour and meaning to any outfit. For added appeal mix and match bracelets to create dozens of looks. The bracelet’s stretchy design ensures a comfortable fit for most. 



  • Authentic gemstone beads strung on an extra durable elasticized cord
  • One size fits most
  • Beads measure 6 mm
  • 24 beads in total
  • Variations in colour, size and texture may occur due to natural materials