Petrified Wood Log Specimen



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Connect with Petrified Wood to establish deep roots, so that even when you’re scared, you are grounded in the energy of calm. Let the earth energy of this stone ease your nerves and fears, and fill you instead with feelings of well being and security. The petrified wood meaning is ideal for meditation, as it helps you to distinguish between what is important and what is not—helping you to stop focusing on things you can’t control and learn to not sweat the small stuff.  

Petrified wood has been around practically since time began. Over thousands of years, this wood was naturally petrified or fossilized; meaning, all of the organic parts were replaced with minerals and silicon dioxide. The markings and patterning in this specimen are from the original tree’s growth rings and knots. Eventually, all of the wood becomes replaced bit by bit with agate as it decomposes. Sometimes jasper, quartz and even opal can be found in fossilized wood. Most often it is brown, but can also be grey or green in color. This beautiful piece is mesmerizing to look at. It has been polished smooth on each end and left natural on the sides. 

Petrified wood is powerful in removing obstacles. Use it to assist in reaching goals that you are having trouble with or to smooth a path for any endeavor that you anticipate will be ridden with difficult barriers. Petrified wood is a stone that is good for grounding and stabilizing one's emotions. It is particularly useful in calming survival-based fears. It helps one be practical. It is a stone of business success. Petrified wood is a good stone for general protection. Physically, it is used in crystal healing for the bones, backaches, skin and hair. 

Please note: This is a one of a kind piece and what you receive will be exactly as pictured here.



  • One of a kind piece, you will receive exactly what is shown here
  • From Brazil
  • Measures 4" x 5" x 3"
  • Weighs 1.46 kg